Dealing With Male and Female Pattern Baldness
 Via Artas and Robotics

     The world of hair transplants is about to be revolutionized thanks to the developments of the Artas Corporation. With their latest innovation hair follicles can be harvested at a much quicker pace through the use of image-guided robotics. The advantages of this are multiple not to mention safer with the elimination of technicians who previously performed the procedure manually. Artas claims the new technology is capable of replacing the current “gold standard” of strip harvesting. This is definitely a plus because that type of harvesting requires the use of sutures and bandages which can be associated with infection.

     The Artas system essentially utilizes a dual camera set-up with memory to photograph the extraction areas from multiple angles. This allows the doctor to precisely choose or ignore what follicles they desire to extract whether it be singular or multiple units. Once this has been done the areas that were previously shaved are now available for a customized or automated extraction. The robotic arm then begins to make multiple 1 mm punches for the removal of the specifically targeted follicular units. One of the advantages of this is the time it takes to perform a full transplant procedure can be substantially reduced. 

     A word to the wise though is this breakthrough is still in the investigational stages but should be commercially available by 2012.


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    At Trilshun we've assembled quite an array of hair loss treatments and baldness remedies to help you battle the effects of male pattern baldness and female hair loss. With our hair loss book we will explain an array of vitamin and herbal supplements for thinning hair and the benefits and hazards of drugs and medications like Propecia and minoxidil and the newest finasteride. We also delve into what types of alopecia that you may have been presented with and what baldness remedy is right for you. Plus we can tell you all about hair transplantation and restoration.


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