Male Pattern Baldness and Heart Disease
    An eleven year study conducted by Harvard University researchers and released in January of 2000 concluded there was a relationship between an increased incidence of heart disease and baldness. Critics though were quick to point out that baldness per sec does not trigger cardiac conditions but it may be an indicator of potential future problems.

    The study itself involved over 19,000 participants ranging in age from 40 to 84 experiencing various degrees of hair loss. The subjects were asked to evaluate their level of hair loss based upon categories seen within Norwood type charts. Findings indicated that men who experienced the severest degree of crown recession prior to age 45 had a 36 percent greater incidence of cardiac events when compared to those who had experienced no hair loss. Those that experienced a smaller degree of crown recession prior to age 45 had a lesser degree of reported cardiac events. It though was still 23% larger than those who had experienced no hair loss.

    Some well-known doctors criticized the study because they thought it diverted from the real problem of identifying heart disease. Since many factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and sedentary lifestyles can be readily addressed it was felt more attention should be given to identifying those factors than any degree of hereditary baldness.

    As yet this study has not been replicated but it could provide a glimpse into metabolic changes taking place as we age. The increased levels of testosterone seen with pattern baldness is certainly an captivating factor in learning more about other risk factors associated with heart disease.





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