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Micro Grafts




    Many clients and hair transplant specialists consider micro grafting one of the best surgical procedures for hair loss. The simple reason being is it delivers the most natural looking results. With micro grafting the hair loss surgeon removes a flap of the scalp, normally from the rear of the head, which is microscopically dissected into grafts of 3-4 hairs. These micro grafts are then transplanted to the areas affected by hair loss. Recovery time and scarring is minimal. Within 7-9 months the new hair is growing. The price of this procedure runs anywhere from three to five thousand dollars. A more costly procedure that also produces very pleasing cosmetic results is hair cloning and multiplication.  

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Learn about the best surgical hair transplant procedures for female male hair loss, thinning hair, and pattern baldness and what alternatives you have. Are hair transplants right for you, can you afford the cost. Learn about micro grafts, punch grafts, flap surgery, scalp reduction, and scalp expansion to deal with your balding scalp. Find out what surgical hair loss remedy or thinning hair treatment is right for you.