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    Theories abound as to the causes of hair loss and they are not all confined to hereditary factors and the presence of dihydrotestosterone. Leading specialists often point to the fact that even though DHT and genetics can play a key role in male and female pattern baldness there are many situations that totally dispute those findings. As an example there are quite a few cases of individuals that have substantial levels of DHT but never experience any type of thinning hair or baldness. Furthermore since products like Propecia and Rogaine don’t yield the same results with every person there may be many more factors at play than meets the eye. In other words externally applied products may just be irritating the follicle into further production where internally consumed agents may be just enhancing the effects of other enzymes within the body that trigger hair growth.

    Some of the alternative theories as to the cause of hair loss have espoused a relationship between the condition of the scalp, circulation, and even diet among many reasons. In the case of the health of the scalp noted scientist Loren Pickart has shown that purely by enhancing the scalp’s mantle with external treatments composed of copper peptides and components of blood you can once again rejuvenate the hair follicles into further production. Other researchers have also put fourth ample evidence that even with minor manipulation of the scalp’s blood flow with massage you can induce hair growth. One example of this is the laser brush, which emits low level light beams that encourage blood circulation to restore the hair. Plus remember this is an invention still in its infancy with likely improvements in the future.

    Last but not least are proponents of natural healing that claim the true answers to male and female hair loss are in the foods you eat, the exercise you obtain, and vitamin and herbal supplements you consume. In many cases their advice does yield a fuller head of hair if not an enhanced "state of well-being" for the individual.

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