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Cause Causes of Hair Loss
 Thinning Hair Female Male Pattern Baldness

Causes of Hair Loss

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Cause of Female Male Pattern Baldness

Thinning Hair Causes

Cause of Thin Hair


    When analyzing the cause of your hair loss you should first look at your age, sex, and overall health. If you are a male in your early twenties and your overall health is good then chances are you may be experiencing the early stages of male pattern baldness if there is any genetic predisposition in your family tree. That does not rule out the fact that androgenetic alopecia canít occur at an earlier or later point in life but ruling out any established disease process this is the likely prognosis.

    In regard to women the appearance of female pattern baldness is normally not witnessed before the age of forty but as with men it can also appear at an earlier age. Plus with women the miniaturization of the hair follicles seen with pattern baldness is witnessed over the entire scalp as compared to men who have a more localized loss of hair in the frontal hairline and crown portions of the scalp.

    The positive point to all that we have mentioned is the progression of male and female pattern baldness usually takes places over an extended period of time allowing you to manipulate and even halt the end result.

    At our ultimate goal is to help men and women establish a pattern of behavior and treatments to delay and even halt the development of pattern balding and thinning hair. We do this by presenting a variety of inexpensive hair loss ingredients you can choose from to tailor an affordable program for yourself. We believe our information is unrivaled and one of the best steps you can take to prevent the causes of your thinning hair.


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Cause of Hair Loss
Causes of Hair Loss

    Learn about the cause and cure for your male and female thinning hair at with inexpensive solutions that prevent the onset of your alopecia. By all means these are not miracle solutions but they are unquestionably some of the most productive for curing your hair loss. Included you will find dozens of tips, secrets, and exciting breakthroughs for stimulating your hair follicles so you can have a fuller and healthier scalp free of the common maladies such as dandruff and psoriasis.