"These Are A Few Excerpts About What People
Think Of Our Eye Opening Information"

   Thank you, Thank you…My hair loss declined to almost nothing after using one of your ingredients for less than three weeks… I'm now beginning to get some of it back and it didn't cost me a fortune, just like you advertised. - George J.

I believe your information is years ahead of anything on the Internet. It covers dozens of things for treating hair loss, I didn't even know existed. - Becky G.

…I tried a couple of the ingredients regularly and my hair loss dropped to a few hairs… My total cost is about four dollars a month. -
Jerry U.

My doctor charged me $125 for a seven minute consultation about my hair loss problem. He referred me to a hair transplant specialist. They said the $200 free consultation fee would be deducted from my overall bill if I elected surgery. Until then I was responsible for the $200. My hair stylist said she stayed so busy she didn't have time to chat. I definitely consider your information to be one of the best bargains around. - Doreen K.

...I didn't realize it at first but your materials actually promote consumer protection with the low cost alternatives for hair loss...
Leland R.

I've researched male and female hair loss for the last seven years on the Internet. Without question your information is the best on the Web. -
Professor, Louisville University

Your valuable information convinced me I was paying far too much to deal with my gradually balding scalp. I just wish you had been around when I was wasting all my money… I think using some of your ingredients has directly helped me with my social life and confidence. - 
Donald M.

You provide a comprehensive and holistic outlook for treating hair loss and baldness. I am extremely pleased with the material and the printable format you provided. -
Debbie A. Med Student, UCLA

...I think your web site is a one-stop shop for learning about ways to stop thinning hair at an affordable price. It really is some of the most thorough  information to be found. - Gary M.

I can’t figure out why many of these Internet sites tell you about baldness products that aren’t available to anybody even them. – Richard B.

Your technical support was some of the speediest I've experienced. The information was overwhelming. - Bruce S.

…I am a true skeptic… but some of these hair loss ingredients actually do grow hair! -
Philip Y.

...I've become the hair loss guru at the distribution center where I work, based upon your thought provoking information. After seeing what one of your ingredients did for me everybody is asking how I did it…. It really shocks me how many people are interested in male and female baldness…. Even some of the upper management are now consulting me about their own hair loss. -
Danny T.

There is a lot of advice being pedaled about hair loss but I think your "secrets" for stopping baldness are the most beneficial… My girlfriend has even been pointing out the new hair on my scalp… I use about four of the ingredients you suggested and my total cost is about eight dollars a month. - 
David M.

I sought a consultation from a specialist regarding my female hair loss. The total bill was $380. My co-payment was $50. She suggested I use Rogaine. I then purchased your hair loss book for $14.99. When I compare what I received from your company and the fees my doctors charged it indeed looks like I was scammed by them. - Rhonda V.   



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