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Reporting Violators/Important Notification

    "300 Extraordinarily Cheap Ingredients That Will Halt Your Hair Loss" is fully protected by U.S. Copyright Law and is therefore guaranteed all rights pursuant to said laws. Protection is also afforded under International Law and treaties engaged in by the United States. Violators of these sanctions are subject to civil and criminal penalties granted by these statues and the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) . Purchase of this work does not constitute a license agreement with Trilshun Products.

    Unauthorized use, reproduction, alteration, distribution, copying, or commercial printing of this work is directly prohibited under U.S. Copyright Law without written agreement or license from Trilshun Products and its authors.

    Trilshun Products does aggressively pursue and protect through third party monitoring Services its rights under said Copyright Statues. This work is intended strictly for the private use of the purchaser.

    This work has not been licensed to any third parties for distribution  through collective reports on CD, report networks, file sharing sites, or torrents. If this report has not been directly purchased from Trilshun Products,,, bookstores, or certified resellers and affiliates it was illegally purchased.

    In regard to any legal actions related to this work the purchaser of our works or user of an illegally obtained copy does agree to surrender his right to file actions outside of the State of North Carolina. All actions must be filed within and tried in the State of North Carolina. In regard to copyright infringement the owners of said copyrights will proceed with actions in the State of North Carolina or where convenience presents itself.

Reporting Violators

    Trilshun Products does make available monetary rewards for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of violators of our registered works. Please contact us at click here, if you are aware of any such violations or piracy.

Important Notification

    If you have purchased a copy of this work or a facsimile of it without the logo or trademarks validating,, or Trilshun Products please notify the appropriate commerce vendors and request a direct refund. Various commerce vendors have been notified regarding the purchase and sale of pirated copies of our works and you may indeed be entitled to a complete refund from them. 



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