Customer Questions

   No matter what you do an occasional problem will occur and if you're like most of us you want immediate answers. Listed below are answers to practically the only four situations you might encounter.

1. My download didn't work. What can I do?

   First don't worry about it. If you didn't get it right the first time you can try again. We don't penalize or charge you for it.
You have a full week to download. Plus if the time period expires we can extend it or forward the materials to you by E-Mail. We try to be as consumer friendly as possible. 

   To download again just return to your E-Mail receipt you received with your initial order and click on the link. You now have access to download again. 

2. How are the materials delivered?

   The materials you receive are enclosed in a self-extracting zip file.
You do not need a zip utility to open the materials. All you need to do is click on the icon to open. Then click on browse to choose a place for storage. We suggest opening to your Windows or Mac Desktop so you can view what you are doing. If you choose your C drive the materials are stored in the file ThinScalp. Now click on unzip and the PDF files are extracted for viewing with Adobe Reader.

    Plus don't be concerned if you get it wrong the first time. The zip file will replicate the materials numerous times. 

* We always urge people to scan for viruses if they feel a download has been compromised. At we certify all of our downloads to be 100% spyware, malware, and virus free with our distributors and bookstores.  

3. I can't open the Files. How come?

   To open the materials you should have some device equipped with Adobe Reader . To obtain a free copy of any of these viewers just visit File Viewing on our web site. There you will find free viewers if you don't own an Apple, Nook, Kindle, Sony, or Android device.

4. I'm new to all this, can I get any additional instructions for Downloading and Opening the materials?

Certainly, few people are perfect at anything the first time around. Just send a blank E-Mail by clicking on the following address:  and we'll send you further instructions to enhance your ease of use. You can also find help on our Downloading and Opening your Purchase page.

For all other issues please contact us at: Click Here



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