DHT Blocker Treatment
Can They Really Help?

     All too often you hear the same old information repeated about what is a DHT blocker and what are the best ones. The first thing you need to understand though is female and male pattern baldness is a complicated process. There are many theories as to why this balding of the scalp occurs and they do not necessarily involve DHT.

     From a scientific perspective these hair loss inhibitors block the recombination of testosterone and 5 alpha reductase (an enzyme found on the scalp) which forms dihydrotestosterone. As many know that is the most accepted cause for your gradually thinning hair. These inhibitors can be consumed in supplemental form or applied via shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. It is also important to point out that DHT has the same effect in men as it does in women. The primary distinction being that females seem to have a greater tolerance to the effects of these enzymes in the frontal and crown areas of the scalp.

     Probably the most well-known of these AR inhibitors (5 alpha reductase) is Propecia (Proscar) developed by Merck Pharmaceutical. Initially formulated for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia it later became commercially available for the treatment of hair loss.

     In regard to the usage of DHT blockers many people have found them to be an effective remedy for retarding the hair thinning process or keeping the hair they already have. Plus donít be confused into thinking there are only a few of these ingredients. There are literally dozens of these natural baldness inhibitors that can be found in herbal, fungicidal, and detergent formulations that accomplish the same thing as Propecia at a lower price and with fewer side effects.

     At ThinScalp.com we detail dozens of these ingredients for blocking DHT so youíre not married to any one option for controlling hair loss if it does not appear to be working for you. Plus we show you how to curb your costs so you can include them in your daily scalp regime and obtain the results you desire.

Avoiding the Side Effects of Propecia

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