Female Pattern Baldness Hair Loss
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    Female pattern baldness has its origin in much the same manner as the similar male condition but it tends to occur at a later age usually the mid- forties. That certainly doesn't mean it canít occur as soon as the late teens but generally when it is seen that early the causes are not related to genetics. The condition can also be more difficult to detect in women because the pattern of hair loss can be more diffuse and seldom does it affect the frontal hairline. Because of this self-diagnosis can be more complex as women in the same family tree may show no obvious symptoms for comparative purposes. Also with women the miniaturization of the follicle that results in hairs of a lesser thickness tends to be dispersed over a wider area of the scalp than with males. Men have a more localized miniaturization of the follicles.

Ludwig Female Hair Loss Scale

Savin Scale - Female Pattern Hair Loss

Other Causes of Hair Loss In Women

Chemotherapy - Rapid fallout of hair that usually affects large areas of the scalp. This is often seen with chemical and radiation treatments for cancer.

Alopecia Areata - Auto-immune disorder of the scalp characterized by round patchy areas of baldness. Etiology in most cases is unknown.

Traction Alopecia - Condition seen where excessive tension is placed on hair follicles by styling practices or excessive brushing or pulling back on the hair. Can occur in any area of the scalp but most often experienced on the frontal hairline as the result of braiding or ponytails.

Thyroid Conditions - Loss of hair due to an overactive or under-active thyroid and various medications utilized to counteract condition.

Trichotillomania - Otherwise known as chronic "hair pulling". This is usually related to emotional or repetitive disorder such as a "tic".  The condition also tends to produce localized patchy baldness from alternating patterns of jerking on the hair.

Childbirth - Induces various demands on the body during and after pregnancy that leads to hair fall-out. Rarely is the loss of hair permanent.

Medications - Loss of hair related to various medicines. It can have its root cause in anti-depressants, blood thinners, blood pressure medications, thyroid drugs, etc.

Iron Deficiency - Loss of hair as the result of heavy menstruation, birth control pills, or excessive demands placed upon the body especially with over-exercising.

Telogen Effluvium - Loss of hair usually related to some severe stressful event that has taken place in an individualís life. It can be related to surgery, infection, death in family, or some physical trauma to the body. With this disorder an abnormal amount of hair follicles suddenly switch from the anagen (growth) or catogen (resting) phase to the telogen (shedding) stage leading to excessive hair fallout.

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