Female Hair Loss Thinning Hair 
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    Similar to men viewing hair loss as a diminishment of masculinity women also view hair loss as a diminishing of their femininity. Without question we all have characteristics that we feel accentuate our looks and hair is one of these attributes. Unfortunately with the loss of any physical quality we feel that our perception by others is altered.

    The first thing that women should consider before utilizing any hair loss treatment is determining whether there is a medical reason for it. In some cases various medical disorders can lead to female pattern baldness whether it is lupus, anemia, cancer, or thyroid problems. Even with treatment of these conditions your hair loss may continue. The reason being is abatement of these conditions may entail usage of medications or chemotherapy that cause thinning hair. So in regard to situations like this it is always wise to ascertain if any medication or treatment agitates or creates your female hair loss. If so, you can discuss it with your medical provider. Just be aware that if this is the case many doctors consider management of your physical condition the priority rather than your outward appearance. Your doctor though can refer you to a specialist if they feel you are affected by any type alopecia that results in female thinning hair.

    Also remember various stages of pregnancy are linked to female hair loss which disappears shortly after birth of your child.

    Once you’ve considered these things, and noted their absence or presence in regard to your thinning hair, you can explore other factors. These being your age, presence of female hair loss in your family, and whether you are experiencing a generalized thinning over the entire scalp. Ruling out menopause and hormonal changes you may be experiencing the early stages of female pattern baldness.

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