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    At ThinScalp.com we finally wanted to lay to rest the misconception that you have to spend a year's pay to combat female hair loss and promote hair growth because you really don't have to. We can literally show you dozens of inexpensive and highly effective female hair loss treatments that won't cost you a fortune. Our intention is to show you that you can substitute these ingredients into your daily hair care regimen without any substantial financial outlay on your part. And our research indicates this is what most females are looking for. Our materials are definitely a must read before any woman starts emptying their purse on high cost baldness and thinning hair products.

    So if you want to learn more about women's hair loss prevention and treatments for female baldness just click on the link below or to the left!


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       At Trilshun we’ve devoted our full efforts to developing the best treatment regimens conceivable for female hair loss. Whether the loss of hair is related to genetics, childbirth, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, your thyroid, diseases of the hair follicle, or even chemotherapy we have a treatment for your female thinning hair. Each segment of our book delves into natural thin hair treatments that deal with the particular health conditions you may be experiencing. You’ll find out whether vitamin and herb supplements for hair loss and thinning hair can be helpful, if there’s any relationship female pattern baldness and stress, whether or not exercise is hurting your hair or helping it, plus a myriad of tips, secrets, and little known methods for making you and your hair look better. Above all we’ll help you avoid high-priced hair transplant doctors, faulty hair restoration procedures, expensive hair loss medications, and the side effects of Propecia, plus thinning hair shampoos and treatments that likely will never work for anyone. We’ll also show you the stages of hair loss you may already be experiencing, whether your hair loss is related to alopecia areata, Trichotillomania, Telogen Effluvium, or an iron deficiency. Also learn about the causes, prevention, and cures for thinning hair.


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