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    Probably one of the toughest hair loss problems to deal with is the dreaded receding hairline. The reason being is some hair recession is directly related to the aging process and some isn’t. This often leads to a delay in seeking a treatment. Plus many men and women experience what is known as a "straight line" recession that appears quite normal.

    One of the quickest ways for men and women to estimate how much their frontal hairline has receded is by utilizing the three and a half finger test. This method is often used to determine the placement of hair plugs and the boundaries for hair replacement systems. By placing the appropriate fingers horizontally across your eyebrows you can deduce how far your hair has already receded. Now you can gauge the depth of  your problem and what steps you need to take to prevent further hair recession.

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Treatments For Hair Recession In Frontal Portions of the Scalp

    Remember minoxidil works best on the crown portions of the scalp. If you’re going to use this medication on the frontal hairline or temple areas it should be utilized in a salve, ointment, or gel base. Overall when it comes to any form of Rogaine the greatest results for a receding hairline can be obtained by using a drug compound of 2-5% minoxidil and .025% tretinoin (also known as Retin-A or retinoic acid). This combination has shown itself to be effective on all areas of the scalp. Current evidence shows that stronger formulations of this hair growth mixture yield about the same results. Research has also shown that this formula only needs to be utilized once a day for frontal baldness. If you desire to treat bald spots or hair loss in the vertex you should reserve your 2% or 5% Rogaine strictly for those purposes.

    A less expensive route for obtaining similar results for hair thinning across the forehead is by using the various strengths of minoxidil plus Proscar (finasteride). If you’ll click here we’ll tell you how to substantially reduce your Propecia costs with this popular medication. It might shock you as to how little you actually need to stop your alopecia.

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