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Hair Structure and Hair Growth Cycles

     Our scalp hair is composed of thousands of wondrous protein fibers made of keratin. Each of these individual strands in turn has an outer sheath called the cuticle. These cuticles upon magnification are arranged much like fish scales protecting the inner components of the hair shaft which are the middle cortex and central medulla. This hair shaft is further protected by sebaceous glands that coat the cuticle with a layer of oil. These oily substances provide the hair with a built-in slippage factor allowing it to be combed and brushed without fallout or breakage. These oils also produce what is popularly called the “shine or sheen” in hair. When the cuticles are damaged because of wind, harsh detergents, and various chemicals the hair tends to lose it luster and break more easily. Luckily many man-made conditioning ingredients are far superior to what we are born with so this problem can be readily addressed.

     In regard to the shape of the hair it can take on many forms which are determined by genetics. The rounder the shape of the shaft the straighter it will be. In turn the flatter or more elliptical the shaft is the curlier and kinkier the hair will be. Due to these factors straighter hair allows the sebaceous glands to distribute oils more evenly.  

Life Cycle of Hair (Abbreviated)

     The stages of hair growth and renewal are the result of stem cells found within the hair follicles replicating themselves time after time. Without these cells the scalp hair is incapable of growth. As scientists have learned this reproduction is triggered by complex messengers found within the body that trigger these growth cycles. Plus if you’re wondering this cycle can be interrupted, halted, or even instigated with hair cloning techniques or stresses placed upon the body. It goes without saying that nutrition and blood supply are likewise basic necessities to stimulate these cycles.

Anagen Phase - This is essentially the growth stage of the hair where the hair slowly pushes itself upward and reveals itself to the human eye. Based upon genetics this stage will continue for about 2-6 years with the hair growing between ½ to ¾ inches a month. About 80-85% of the scalp hair can be found in this phase. Other parts of the anatomy including the eyebrows and chest hair will have shorter cycles. Comparatively many creatures in the animal kingdom seemingly have shorter growth and loss cycles that can be seasonal or climate related and be marked by profuse shedding. Man’s hair loss on the other hand can be quite random.

Telogen Phase - This is the resting phase where hair has stopped growing and entered a resting period. It lasts about three months and about 5-15% of the hair can be found in this stage. One way you can identify hair in this stage is by the presence of a “hair bulb”. This is basically a cluster of cells found at the root which becomes visible when the hair is falling out. To learn more about conditions related to this stage such as the effluviums or cancer treatment you can clicked on the underlined links.

Catogen Phase - In simplified terms this is the fallout stage where the hair finally loosens from the scalp and falls out. This stage lasts about a month. At this point the whole cycle begins again.

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