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     Amazingly one of the cheapest methods for delaying the onset of male and female pattern baldness and preventing hair loss in general is simply by washing your hair on a regular basis. These conclusions were reached by a leading university after substantial testing. The findings were that by washing your hair at least twice a week you can substantially retard the progression of pattern baldness and the hair thinning process in general for years. The studies did include male and female participants. The definitive reason for this reduction in hair fallout was not determined but the reasons for it could be multiple in origin.

     At Trilshun we have always maintained, among many things, that regular cleansing of the scalp is essential for thinning hair prevention. The trick though is determining the correct amount of shampooing and conditioning for your particular scalp. Many people are able to cleanse the scalp on daily basis with no ill effects allowing for a fuller appearance of the hair. On the other hand there are many who encounter excess oiliness and flatness after repeated daily shampooing. The reason for this is when scalp oils are stripped during the cleaning process the human body compensates with the extra production of sebum. This is a natural and normal process for the protection of the skin and hair but similar to acne the process can trigger the excess secretion of oils in some people. With time and experimentation most people learn what the best schedule is for themselves. If you do encounter excessive oiliness it is easy to return the scalp to normal by just adjusting your hair care regime for a few weeks.

     The chief reason though shampooing leads to a reduction in thinning hair can be found in the composition of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) itself. As many know this is the suggested reason for most pattern hair loss. Since DHT must combine with enzymes in the scalp to do its damage a simple method to counteract it is by thoroughly cleaning the scalp. Again the trick here as mentioned above is not to dry out the scalp or damage the condition of the present hair. Newer hair care products now combine detergents that are less abrasive to the scalp as well as an assortment of herbs, ingredients, and botanicals that effectively counteract the effects of this DHT. Older hair loss shampoos in an attempt to neutralize this DHT often “fried” or “blistered” the scalp to the point it was often painful to the touch.

     If you would like to learn more we welcome your visit. With us you’ll learn about hundreds of ways to reawaken your hair follicles and prevent further hair loss. Plus we provide you with an immense array of thinning hair ingredients so you won’t be married to any one method that isn’t going to produce the desired results for you.  

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    Learn what you can do to prevent male pattern baldness, female hair loss with an array of natural thinning hair ingredients that halt the progression of hair thinning and receding hairline.


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