Stages Of Male and Female Pattern Baldness
Norwood Chart
 Ludwig Scale

  Hamilton Norwood Chart - Stages Male Pattern Baldness   

    Various stages of hair loss occurring with male pattern baldness. Each stage is marked by progressively more loss of hair in the frontal hairline and crown. The length of time for each stage to develop varies from one individual to another. Variations of these developing stages were first mapped out by Hamilton and Norwood.

Ludwig Scale Female Pattern Baldness

    Various stages of female pattern baldness as defined by the Ludwig Scale are marked by a wider dispersal of hair loss over the entire scalp. Unlike with males there often isn't a distinct pattern making diagnosis difficult in the early stages. Also with males the miniaturization effect (decrease in diameter of hair shafts) of the hair follicles is more localized as compared to women allowing for more obvious diagnosis.

Miniaturization of Hair Follicles

    In the right hand portion of the above picture there is a localized and distinct pattern of hair loss most often seen with male pattern baldness. As the follicles decrease in diameter the hair becomes thinner and the scalp more visible. The left side of the picture depicts what is seen more often with female pattern baldness. Because there is a lesser degree of localization the miniaturization is less obvious and hidden by the unaffected hair. Because of this pattern of loss the genetic predisposition is less obvious among females in family trees.

    In regards to the balding areas many males utilize the often criticized "comb over" to lessen the appearance of thinning hair as the pattern progresses. This is a natural occurrence because most men and hair stylists have always utilized combing and brushing techniques to maintain the style and  appearance of a well groomed man.  These methods are also utilized since the pattern of hair loss, whether it be with a man or woman, never occurs on a timed schedule or all at once. In fact pattern baldness is different with every individual  and may occur on different portions of the scalp at various points in time. In many cases the dreaded "M" hairline (widow's peak)  may only appear on one side of the scalp or the part line years before it progresses to the opposite side.

     With women since the hair loss occurs over a broader spectrum of the scalp various hair coloring techniques and shorter hair styles can prove quite beneficial.



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    Learn more about other factors involved with male pattern baldness and female hair loss. Find out about various hair restoration methods and hair transplants and what drugs and medications can affect alopecia and how you avoid the high costs of hair transplants. By exploring our Hamilton and Norwoord male hair loss chart classification system and Ludwig Scale for female thin hair you can determine what stage of involvement you have reached in the process of female male pattern alopecia and what treatment regime you should follow to deal with hair thinning.