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Lasers For Hair Loss
Are They Right For You?

     No fuss, no muss. No drugs no plugs. Laser treatments for your thinning hair problems definitely have their advantages. Plus thatís especially true if youíre leery about the potential side effects of various hair loss medications and surgical procedures.

     Maybe you havenít heard about it but the latest FDA approved solution for treating male pattern baldness, female hair loss, thinning hair, and alopecia are low level laser treatments. Plus if youíve got the money the full burst commercial units seem to show the greatest promise. The simple reasoning being is that stationary units feed a steady stream of light to the affected areas. Hand-held units on the other hand are constantly being repositioned across the entire scalp. At the very least there is no work involved with these industrial units and the price is falling rapidly.

     Whatís it all about? Well laser treatments for various medical conditions have been around for over 40 years. It's only within the past ten years though that there full potential in treating hair loss has been recognized. Based upon the principle that hair growth can be stimulated by increasing the circulation in the scalp they seemingly do just that but the actual secret is much more complex.

      Laser treatments for hair loss are based upon the principle of effectively penetrating the scalp with pulses of pure red light. These beams must focus at a depth that has an effect on the follicles but does not exceed it. When this is done the scalp experiences a type of re-oxygenation and cellular reorganization that improves the vitality of the existing hair. The microcirculation to the follicle is also increased but even more inflammation is reduced that seems to trigger hair growth. Many scientists argue that if you can reduce this inflammation in any way the scalp can once again produce healthy hair.

     Currently there are three types of lasers available for the treatment of the various forms of hair loss.

Laser Luce 100 - This is basically a cover all your bases laser therapy because there is still debate among the inventors of these devices as to what is the best depth for laser dispersion to stimulate new hair growth. Therefore this type of laser emits to two types of light. The first type of light being a visible red beam operating at a spectrum of 660nm and the second being a non-visible stream of light, which operates at a greater range.

Low Level Laser - These are the most popular commercial lasers and the ones many experts agree are the most beneficial. They operate within the 660nm range.

Hand Held Lasers - Touted as the most affordable units they definitely have their pluses. Research has shown these units definitely thicken the hair and do produce some hair growth. The deciding factor though seems to be dedication of the user.

     With all laser units it is advisable to consider who youíre purchasing from, all the included bells and whistles, timers, warranties, repairs, and the reputation of the company. There are many overseas manufacturers selling units that do virtually nothing. 

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