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Is Histogen The Breakthrough Product?

     For years scientists have sought the silver bullet for hair loss and one such company now claims it may have the magic elixir for hair restoration. Enter the door Histogen HSC (Hair Stimulating Complex).

     To give you some background Histogen is a biomedical company founded by Dr. Gale Naughton in 2007 that specializes in regenerative medicine. Through its research in culturing newborn cells in an embryonic environment they derived growth factors and Wnt proteins from which they developed an injectable proprietary formula for growing hair. This formulation was first tested in Honduras .  

     In the mentioned study 24 participants were chosen for a double blind placebo treatment regime. It encompassed a onetime administration of an injectable form of Histogen. The patients scalp hairs were to be monitored for thickness, density, and hair count at appropriate points in time. At the end of the study (which was 12 weeks) all of the participants using Histogen experienced increases in the mentioned areas. Plus what was even more exciting was that all participants continued to show hair growth improvements a year later based upon a single injection. No evidence of any type of side effect was reported.  

     Histogen plans further development of its hair loss treatment in Singapore where it has received substantial foreign backing. They feel they will have a commercially viable product to be introduced in those areas by 2013. They hope to make the same available in the United States by the end of 2014.







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