Hair Replacement Glossary and Terms Cont'd

  Hair Systems to Reduce the Presence of 
Male Pattern Baldness, Female Hair Loss, and Thinning Hair

Adhesives - A liquid medically approved product for attaching hair replacement systems.

Attachment Options - Bonding, tape, fusion, rings, or by using snaps.

Bangs - The shorter hair on a style which covers the forehead from the hairline to the eyebrows.

Cranial Prosthesis - Another name for a wig, but is a term generally used as a description for high-quality, hand-tied and custom units. A full prosthesis is often referred to as a wig where a partial prosthesis is labeled a hairpiece.

Forward for Pomp - This gives maximum lift to the finished hair system. Hair is vented with a center-open crown and directed forward.

French Top - Refers to a high quality crown made to resemble the actual hair growing out of the scalp. The materials used are often a translucent monofilament in which individual hairs are pulled through to resemble the natural scalp. With this type of top the client is not confined to one type of hair part.

Lace Front - A hair replacement system which is made with a mesh insert in the front into which individual hairs are hand-tied. This is designed to create a realistic looking hairline. The lace front usually has extra un-ventilated mesh so that the front can be custom-ventilated or trimmed to resemble an actual hairline. Often times so "life like" it can't be detected.

Monofilament or Mono Top - Fine, transparent nylon or silk mesh with hairs individually hand-knotted into the mesh. Allows the hair to fall naturally and gives more versatility in styling. Very suitable for persons with extensive hair loss, since the color of the scalp underneath shows through, creating the illusion of hair growing right out of your scalp.

Part - Refers to a break in the hair at the top of the scalp. Hair along the break normally falls in opposite directions.

Polyurethane - Used as a border to create a better form. It comes in three different layers of thickness. Light, medium, or heavy. Often referred to as PU.

  • PU See Thru - This is the clearest version of PU. Typically used in the frontal sections of hair replacement systems.
  • Glass Silk - This is the same as PU See Thru except it has silk embedded in it so the hair has something to be tied to.
  • Coated Polyurethane - The most visible of the see thru but also the most durable and thickest.

Professional Styling - This is the process where the new hair system is washed, conditioned, cut, thinned, and arranged to the desired style for the client.

Under-Venting - The process of adding hair strands to the frontal portion of the hair system.

Ventilation - The process of adding strands of hair.







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    Terms and definitions commonly referenced in the hair replacement and hair restoration industry for treatment of female and male pattern baldness and thin hair. This glossary of hair loss terms often used by hair restoration technicians can help you understand what is involved in replacing hair that is already thinning or has reached the stage of alopecia. Finally learn what remedies or remedy you can utilize for bald spots, frontal baldness, hairline recession, treatment for male hair loss, and what role genetics play in the entire situation. We promise you want be disappointed with our hair loss information, news, and articles about male and female thinning hair treatments and baldness cures that promise to help you in your battle against baldness.