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     Ladies and gentlemen when we talk about today’s hair loss treatments we are largely referring to four groups of ingredients that attempt to accomplish the same task just in dissimilar ways. Those tasks being preventing hair loss and stimulating new hair growth. Plus at Trilshun we believe with today’s technologies it is entirely possible to delay the onset of male pattern baldness and female thinning hair indefinitely if you pursue a proper course of action. This is no longer the day of harsh shampoos, unproven chemicals, or snake oil salesman even though you can still fall victim to these things.

     It’s also important to point out with the varying chemistry of every individual what works for one may not work for another. Many remedies are much more effective for prevention than cure.

     The first group of ingredients we’ll talk about are topicals that attempt to block or prevent the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) on the scalp. These agents can range from some of the most exotic to the more mundane such as with shampoos. What is seldom mentioned though is that cholesterol is a component of DHT and it is readily available by the synthesis of sunlight on the scalp. In effect by blocking the components necessary to form DHT you prevent hair loss. To observe this cholesterol you need only run your finger in the creases of your nose and look at the shine. This type of ingredient also achieves its results by a periodic cleansing of the scalp while depositing a shield to inhibit DHT formulation. Since most people need to shampoo, condition, or apply some toiletries to the scalp periodically these tend to be one of the easier routes for male and female pattern baldness prevention.

     The second type of compounds are those that generate a hair growth response by irritating or stimulating components within the follicle. Scientists have long known that by triggering a histamine effect growth factors are released within the follicle thereby provoking the hair to grow. In this particular case the factor being increased is blood flow. You can readily see this with a bee sting or mosquito bite as the histamine is released into the body and the blood flow is increased to the location of the injury. Some ingredients that do just that are the polysorbates and niacin. Other formulations such as the fungicides like Nizoral irritate deeper portions of the follicle to begin reproducing. It is also important to point out many ingredients can have a dual action upon the scalp. In other words they can be preventing DHT and urging hair growth at the same time.

     Now we move into the third group which is substances that are consumed orally to block the formation of DHT within the body. These substances can include vitamins, herbs, Propecia, and various supplements. Many of these ingredients also improve the functioning of the liver and the microcirculation within the follicles. These particular things are essential to hair growth and cannot be derived strictly from your diet. Interestingly Chinese practitioners have long maintained the belief that the liver and circulation are the key reasons for pattern baldness.

     The final group is composed of agents that that lessen the auto-immune responses of the body to enable you to regain a healthy head of hair. Many scientists hold to the theory male and female pattern baldness are triggered by the immune responses of the body similar to those found in arthritis and psoriasis. In effect by soothing the follicles with various topical hair loss treatments you can once again return your scalp to its original condition. One noted specialist in this area is Doctor Peter Proctor.

     To sum it up there are many theories of hair loss and products that emerge within these genres as cures and preventatives. Quite a few of these formulations pack a considerable amount of science behind them. So if you want to learn more about bringing your hair loss to a screeching halt and promoting new hair growth we welcome your visit.







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    With our hair loss book we expose you to an army of treatments, tips, and secrets because there is no one site fits all solution for everybody. In fact male pattern baldness, alopecia, and female hair loss have an array of causes and cures. In many cases a simple assortment of DHT blockers plus vitamins and herbs for hair loss may be the appropriate answer. On the other hand a receding hairline, bald spots, and the associated maladies like dandruff, seborrhea, or psoriasis may require a more complex solution. We’ll also help you explore the various stages of hair loss you may be encountering and various types of alopecia you may be experiencing. We thoroughly believe with our information you can avoid costly procedures such as transplants, hair replacement, cloning and even laser treatments for hair loss.


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