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Thinning Hair Shampoos

    Can hair loss shampoos, conditioners, and products help with my male or female thinning hair?

    For years within the medical community the answer to this question has been a resounding no. Shampoos created in the past were primarily concerned with cleansing of the hair and nothing more. That advice though has substantially changed in the past few years. Leading hair care companies utilizing experts in hair biology are breaking through the mystique surrounding male pattern baldness, female hair loss, and thinning hair. It goes without saying millions are being spent on even newer thinning hair formulations, and cures to deal with a population that wants to look younger for a greater length of time.

    The newest hair loss shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are designed to block DHT combining with enzymes on the scalp that create thinning hair. Others are designed to reduce inflammation within the follicle, lessen sebum production, or irritate the follicle into further production to prevent and cure male and female pattern baldness. In theory doing this extends the life cycle of the hair well beyond what genetics might have determined for men and women. So if you were thinking you can obtain the same results with any over-the-counter shampoo it would be an incorrect assumption. Shampoos and products for hair loss and thinning hair contain specific ingredients to fight DHT build-up, which eventually leads to your female hair loss and male pattern alopecia.

    The key thing is finding the most effective remedy or treatment that will prevent further loss of your hair at an affordable cost. In other words some treatments specifically advertised for your male and female thinning hair may not work at all. This is simply because they are poorly formulated or contain nothing to deter the causes of your thinning hair to begin with. On the other hand some lesser known hair loss products, shampoos, and conditioners with inexpensive price tags may be considerably more effective remedies.

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