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   At we finally wanted to end the misconception that you have to spend a fortune on hair transplants and hair restoration because you really don't have to. We can literally show you dozens of inexpensive and highly effective substitutes for hair transplant surgery and replacement that won't cost you a fortune. Our intention is to show you that you can substitute many of these ingredients into your daily hair care regime without any substantial financial outlay on your part. And our research indicates this is what most people are looking for. Our materials are definitely a must read before you start emptying your wallet on high cost hair transplant surgery and hair replacement.

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"Isn't It About Time You Did Something 
About Your Thinning Scalp"



One of the costliest procedures you can undertake for dealing with male baldness or female thinning hair is the hair transplant. Often considered the procedure of last resort for dealing with hair loss it is not entirely without risk or pitfalls. Chief among those problems are hair shock where the surrounding hair suddenly falls out because of the trauma of the process or scarring. Currently the gold standard among transplants is follicular unit extraction which results in the least scarring. At Trilshun we take an opposite approach to dealing with the problems of alopecia by acquainting you with inexpensive methods and treatments for your female and male thinning hair. With our hair loss book we show you just what stages of baldness you are faced with and whether the condition of your scalp is related to hair disease, androgenetic alopecia, or stress. We’ll show you just what vitamins for hair loss you may need, diet changes, and exercise programs can cure your receding hairline and prevent thinning hair. We’ll also help you decide whether hair replacement or hair cloning is right for you and what alternatives can be found with thinning hair shampoos.