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    Male Pattern Baldness is a condition of hair loss that exhibits itself in men from the ages of fifteen to the age of seventy-five. The earlier and latter ages being atypical. Quite the opposite of what most people think the hair fallout that occurs in is quite irregular normally taking place over a period of 12-15 years. Often times with this condition the scalp will experience the shedding of follicles in one location of the scalp yet seemingly be immune in a polar opposite area. As an example hair recession along the frontal hairline may occur strictly along the part line while the other side of the forehead remains impervious to it for a substantial period of time. Likewise the gradual appearance of a bald spot does not signal the rest of the scalp is shedding follicles at the same rate but only that hair growth and loss is affecting that area at an accelerated pace. The end results though do present themselves with various stages of male pattern baldness exhibited by the Norwood Scale. Theories abound as to what causes this condition often referred to as male alopecia or androgenetic alopecia and below we will present some of them to you.

Theories of Male Hair Loss

    The medical model has always lent itself to the idea that most types of hair loss are related to genetics. These theorists often point to the study of twins in their arguments but recognize that pattern baldness is an exceedingly complex issue and there may be an infinite range of factors that influence its appearance. Still today there is debate as to whether pattern baldness has a relationship to the mother's or father's side of the family if any. The only thing scientists are in total agreement about is if pattern hair loss is present in your family tree then there is a likelihood others in the lineage will experience it at a later time. The problem though is these same researchers have never been able to accurately determine what future members of these same families will inherit this hair loss trait even with gene studies.

    Current medical models seem to agree that most forms of pattern baldness today have a basis in dihydrotestosterone otherwise known as DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone formed by the metabolism of the male hormone testosterone or cholesterol. When the balding process begins the hair follicles in the affected areas of the scalp markedly increase the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Once this occurs the hair progressively stops growing and enters a stage of follicular miniaturization. This miniaturization process gradually decreases the diameter of the hair shaft to the point where many refer to it as "baby hair" or vellus hair. Even with the mentioned medications below its quite possible they just agitate the follicle into further production or stimulate chemical messengers that have long been dormant.

    As one might surmise since DHT is regarded as one of the primary culprits behind male and female pattern hair loss a whole industry of hair loss treatments has arisen from this. In theory by eliminating the effects of this hormone you can prevent the resultant loss of hair. Probably three of the more recognizable products that inhibit the effects of DHT are minoxidil, dutasteride, and finasteride. The actuality though is there are dozens of solutions that seek to accomplish the same via an array of methods. Plus not all of the top researchers believe male pattern baldness is related to this particular hormone so alternative theories are not in short supply.

    One of the most important things men should recognize though is that male pattern baldness is not a death sentence and there are an array of DHT blockers, treatments, and medical procedures such as hair transplants or hair restoration  and even hair cloning for prevention of this malady. At Trilshun we’ve assembled an army of tips and little known cures to help you achieve what you may think is an un-winnable fight with the causes of thinning hair. With our information you should be able to reclaim much of the hair you’ve lost and even gain new hair. So let us help you win the war you may be fighting with male pattern hair loss.


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