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   At we finally wanted to fight the misconception that you have to spend a fortune on baldness and hair loss prevention. The reality is you really don't have to. We can literally show you dozens of inexpensive and highly effective hair growth ingredients for female and male pattern baldness that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Our intention is to show you that you can substitute these ingredients into your daily hair care regime without any substantial financial outlay on your part. And our research indicates this is what most people are actually looking for. Our materials are definitely a must read before you start emptying your wallet on high cost baldness cures and hair loss treatments.

   So if you want to learn more about thinning hair remedies, hair loss prevention, and alopecia in general just click on the links below or to the left!


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Male Pattern Baldness

    At Thin we’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to helping you with hair loss prevention. We’ve assembled the largest array of ingredients and treatments on the Internet for putting a halt to your male pattern baldness and female hair loss. Our information gives you insight into alopecia diseases and cures, secrets about propecia, what may really be the cause of your thinning hair, alternative theories regarding male and female thin hair, hair cloning, baldness and heart disease, plus dozens of methods you probably never imagined for stopping the loss of your hair. Let us show you how to control your excess DHT with enzyme and androgen blockers that get at the root cause of your balding and receding hairline and deal a blow to dandruff and psoriasis at the same time. So before you expose yourself to costly hair transplants, expensive hair replacement procedures, or vitamin and herb treatments, and hair loss shampoos give yourself a chance to deal with your female thinning hair in an affordable fashion. Plus review the stages of hair loss you may be experiencing with the Ludwig and Norwood charts.