Male Pattern Baldness Treatments
Prevention Cause Cure and Remedies

    Itís a safe bet youíre probably not to enthralled with the prospect of male pattern baldness. Why? Because most men simply donít feel losing their hair accentuates their looks.

    As you mid-twenties approach and you begin to see more hair in the bathroom drain the subject of male baldness may eventually creep into your psyche. Add to that a direct family member already experiencing male pattern baldness and your worries could increase even more. It is no wonder you might notice your hairline more often or the possible appearance of a bald spot. The lesson to be learned from this is if you start doing something about the causes and cause of your thinning hair you can prevent this. Even though pattern baldness is linked to genetics thereís no reason you canít alter the course of it with the right treatment or remedy for your balding scalp. Remember male pattern baldness will affect 70% of the male population by the time they are 65 years of age. So staving it off as long as possible will probably give you a better outlook on life.

    The reason you are experiencing this phenomenon, commonly referred to as androgenetic alopecia, is because the male body is experiencing and increased level of hormone production. In the case of males the hormone that is increasing is 5-alpha reductase, which transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This DHT gradually shortens the life cycle of the hair leading to a miniaturization of the hair follicle. The follicle is not just noticeably thinner the actual diameter of the hair shaft has decreased.

    Quite the opposite of what you might have been told male pattern baldness is not linked to either the mother or fatherís genes. The only accurate statement that can be made is that there is a 50% greater chance you will experience male baldness if somebody in your immediate family is suffering from it. A lesser chance if it is a relative.

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