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     If you’re really serious about halting your hair loss one of the things you shouldn't be without in your shower cubicle is the shampoo Nizoral. It’s not one of the cheapest ingredients among the hundreds we’ll tell you about for thinning hair but it is does help. Plus many stores offer their own brands of 1% Nizoral at a cheaper price which are just as effective and may have a fragrance more enjoyable to you. If fragrance is ultra-important believe us when we say the 2% prescription brand formula has one of the better scents you’ll stumble across. Both men and women have rated the aroma as highly pleasing. Obtaining a prescription for Nizoral is fairly easy because in today’s modern world many already suffer from dandruff, psoriasis, or seborrhea. In addition many insurance plans will cover the cost if your doctor prescribes it. It certainly beats the messiness of tar, oiliness of selenium sulfide, the dry scalp that zinc pyrithione breeds, or awful smell of sulfur found in so many of these dandruff products.

Product Background

     To tell you a little bit about Nizoral it was developed by Janssen Pharmaceutica (a division of Johnson & Johnson) as a topical prescription medication for moderate to severe dandruff and seborrhea. The active ingredient is ketoconazole which is classified as fungicidal or anti-fungal. The theory behind the product was if you could reduce the presence of the fungus pityrosporum you can eradicate the mentioned conditions. The outgrowth of this is that users begin to discover it stopped hair loss and helped grow new hair. Subsequent studies verified that both 1 & 2 percent versions of the shampoo were indeed promoting new hair growth in balding areas. Overall the results showed hair diameter was increasing when it was normally decreasing (follicular miniaturization) with the presence of pattern baldness. Furthermore the number of hairs in the anagen phase did increase which showed the progress of pattern hair loss was being reversed. Why the product does this is not entirely clear but a few theories have emerged.

     The first theory is that ketoconazole lessens the inflammatory process within the follicles common with androgenetic alopecia. Many scientists today feel if this inflammation process can be reduced in any way the longevity of the follicle or growth cycle of the hair can be substantially prolonged.

     The second theory is that since ketoconazole is a known sebum and cholesterol reducer it is likely breaking up the components necessary for formation of DHT on the scalp.

Instructions for Proper Usage

     Nizoral has shown itself to be the most effective when it is used 2-3 times a week. Results should become apparent in as little as two months or may take as long as six months. The thing to remember is the medicine is in the shampoo so you can leave it on the scalp for at least 30 minutes before you rinse. You can then shampoo and rinse again.

     If you have access to the cream formula you can lightly apply a strip of the medication to the frontal hairline to reverse recession in those areas. It blends well with the skin and is hardly noticeable. You can also apply at night and rinse upon rising.

     The Japanese have claimed spectacular hair growth results with the foam version of Nizoral applied daily and left on the scalp. The problem with this type of ketoconazole is the availability is almost non-existent. Plus little is known about the long term usage of this ingredient left on the scalp for prolonged periods of time.

     Janssen Pharmaceutica is also known as the creator of Miconazole a well-known fungicidal used in the treatment of ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, thrush, and yeast infections. It is sold under the names Micatin and Monistat.


     Nizoral shampoo is available for purchase via a 1% OTC (over the counter) formula and a 2% percent prescription formula. The OTC formula can be found at about any of your local drugstores or super centers. The stronger formula is mainly for well entrenched cases of dandruff and seborrhea. In regards to hair loss the 2% formulation is only slightly more effective but its chief advantage is most health insurance plans will cover the cost.



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