Privacy Security Policy


    Trilshun Products has created our privacy policy with a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. Trilshun Products,, and Thinning nor its distributors engage in the use, sale, or marketing of any ordering information or E-Mail addresses. Trilshun and its distributors are committed to the reduction of spam and secure purchasing via the Internet. Trilshun Products utilizes only the services of the most recognized and respected names in secure electronic software distribution. Our policies are designed to make you feel as comfortable and secure as possible when purchasing through us.

    Trilshun Products offers a variety of ordering methods each tailored to the comfort level you desire when purchasing on the Internet. If you feel more secure using E-Mail services such as Yahoo, G-Mail, Hotmail, etc. please feel free to do so. 


    All information entered on our distributor order forms related to financial information is securely encrypted for your protection. This encryption process scrambles all financial information making it unreadable except to the servers of the related distributors.

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions related to the practices of this web site or our policies you may contact us at click here



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