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Is Red Rooibos Shampoo The Answer For Your
Male and Female Thinning Hair ?

     It’s probably one of the more overlooked answers to male and female baldness but one of hundreds in our arsenal of hair loss ingredients at Plus we were one of the first to report on it but it’s still largely gone unpublicized. The bad thing about that is now that the “big boys” have taken notice you can expect their customary price increases these fellows always bring to the table. What are we referring to? Well the answer is “Red Rooibos” shampoo or more popularly what is called Rooibos.

     What you may ask makes this member of the legume family so unique? The first thing that makes it so exceptional is that it is the only known tea that contains no caffeine but you still get the same cancer fighting elements of other teas which is extraordinary in its own right. Next it basically comes with its own built in sweeteners which are non-caloric. Oh yes, and did we mention it is the only known form of tea with no known side effects or allergies to it. It’s even safe for infants. Combine all these things and the fact many find the taste irresistible makes it quite a discovery.

     To tell you a little about the Rooibos plant it is largely found in South Africa which remains the leading exporter of it. Quite simply most efforts to domesticate this bush to other countries have failed miserably. It derives the name from the sharp needle like leaves that turn red during the fermentation process. Because of this it became known as Red Rooibos or the “red bush”.

     In regard to the health benefits of Rooibos it does possess anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagenic properties. Plus it is the only known source for the phytochemical aspalathin. Also to be found within it is the flavonoids quercetin and luteolin. Consumption of these particular chemicals is linked with the reduction of cardiovascular events and strokes. For hundreds of years though the local populations of the areas where Rooibos is harvested have largely consumed the extracts for relief of insomnia, fevers, colic, allergies, and for various skin disorders and hair preparations. Still today the tinctures are used for the treatment of eczema.

     The key value this ingredient has in treating thinning hair is its anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergenic properties. As we mention with the various theories of hair loss many scientists feel that any reduction in the inflammation within hair follicles, as seen in pattern baldness, is paramount to curbing this form of hair loss. In other words if you can ward off the calcification process seen with this inflammation you can in turn curb the thinning process. Plus since the components of this bush contain some of the more potent anti-oxidants the aging processes within the follicle can be dramatically reduced. Even though most evidence is anecdotal a few studies yielded the fact that most users of Rooibos were very satified with its results. The participants in these investigations did feel the extracts of this bush reduced hair loss substantially and increased the overall attractiveness of their hair.

     What’s particularly interesting about this ingredient is it sheds light on what can be beneficial to the hair follicles as opposed to what isn’t. Since all pattern baldness cannot be totally attributed to the genetic process its quiet likely many man-made ingredients may aggravate or encourage hair loss. As an example of this many individuals claim a noticeable reduction in hair loss when natural detergents are used on the scalp as compared to harsher man-made cleaners. It’s also quite possible natural ingredients like Rooibos soothe the scalp and trigger the stem cell to once again reproduce new hairs. Bottom line Rooibos contains a hodgepodge of phytochemicals advantageous to a healthy scalp and likely wards off hair loss at the same time. Perhaps its time you bought a bottle of this unique hair loss shampoo to find out.




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    The current theory is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the main culprit behind male and female thinning hair and we don't disagree with that at Trilshun Products. This overabundance of DHT leads to a gradual miniaturization of the hair follicles or loss of diameter on the hair shaft. Once this occurs there is a general appearance of less hair. The key to stopping this is with the use of hair loss ingredients that neutralize this internal and external build-up of DHT.


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