Downloading And Opening
Your Purchase
    These are additional instructions if you are encountering any difficulties.
you may print out this page to refer back to.


  1. First click on the highlighted download link you have received with your E-Mail receipt.

  2. When the first screen appears and requests whether you want to Save or Run click Save.

  3. At this point the Save As box should appear. Now choose the area you wish to download to in the Save In Box. Examples are Desktop, C Drive, CD/DVD Drive, etc. We suggest downloading to your Windows or Apple desktop so you can see what you are doing.

  4. Now click on Save and your download is in progress. When the screen says complete click on close.


Once you download, just click on the icon to open. Then:

  1. Choose a place to store by clicking on the Browse box. We suggest storing to your Windows or Apple desktop if you do not know how to search your C drive. If you choose your C drive the materials are stored in the file labeled ThinScalp.

  2. Then click Unzip which will extract the Adobe PDF's, Kindle, or EPub files automatically. Click on close.

  3. Now open Adobe Acrobat Reader or any of the various Kindle and EPub Viewers and click on the area where you have stored the files. You may also just click on the various icons for viewing with your default programs dependent on the file type.

  4. An alternative route is to click on Run Win Zip and then click on the appropriately labeled files. They then will default to the various devices and viewers you have enabled. 

    Don't worry about mistakes because the ThinScalp.exe will replicate our hair loss book in the various formats many times.


    To view the files strictly in PDF mode you will need some version of the  Acrobat Reader to do so. The quickest and easiest way to obtain your free copy is to click on the following link:


    If you don't own one of the various Kindle (mobi), EPub, Android, Apple IPad, or phone devices free viewers can be found in the File Viewing section of our web site or by clicking here.


    If you ever lose track of the materials on your computer just utilize your Search capacity and enter ThinScalp in the search box. Variations would be similar in all operating systems


    If you have any further problems with your hair loss book please Click Here to contact us.



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