Link Submission Guidelines


    Welcome to our link submission guidelines. Please read the following before submitting your web site. Our intent is to produce a quality directory of web sites beneficial to the end user and advertiser.

  1. Submission of your site does not guarantee inclusion. 
  2. Sites requesting one way or three way link exchanges will likely not be included.  

  3. Pages originating from outside the submitted domain or orphan link pages will not be included.

  4. Sites still under construction or not presently listed in any major search engine will not be indexed.

  5. Submitters using redirects from forums, bulletin boards, or comment channels will not be considered for inclusion.

  6. Due to the questionable origins, danger to consumers, and spamming activities of many pharmacy and medication businesses we no longer accept submissions from these sites. These policies were enacted because of the illegal and unethical practices of many pharmacy sites. We have often found these sites place customers at extreme risks and often times expose them to considerable fraud.

  7. Descriptions and titles should not be composed entirely of keywords or repetitive elements. Your description should accurately describe your web site and not contain all capital words. We reserve the right to edit in appropriate cases.

  8. Sites promoting referrals to law firms for medical conditions will not be considered for inclusion.

  9. Poorly constructed link pages having little value except to the advertiser will not be included.

  10. No porn, sub domains, gambling, or mortgage sites will be considered for inclusion.



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