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   At we finally wanted to alter the perception that you have to spend a fortune to combat male and female thinning hair. The fact is you really don't have to. We can literally show you dozens of affordable and highly effective solutions for a thinning scalp that won't cost you a fortune. Our intent is to show you that you can substitute these remedies into your daily scalp regime without any huge money expenditure on your part. Our research indicates this is what most people with thin hair problems are looking for. Without a doubt our materials are a must read before you start emptying your wallets on high cost  thinning hair products.

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Thinning hair is one of the many aspects we deal upon in our hair loss book. In reality there are many types of thin hair ranging from what is normal to that which is associated with female and male pattern baldness. With the first form of hair thinning genetics tend to be the influencing factor or the hair type which can straight, curly, or kinky. Other types can be related to anemia (diet) or hair diseases that that affect the health of the hair. Plus with hair loss related to dandruff, psoriasis, or seborrhea the actual shaft may decrease in thickness due to clogging of the follicle but it is not a typical condition. The thin hair most think about though is related to pattern hair loss where the actual diameter of the shaft is decreasing because of the effects of dihydrotestosterone upon it. In these cases often just a typical DHT blocker, scalp thickener, thinning hair vitamins, or hair loss shampoo can be just the solution. What’s important though is you can readily do something about this with the hundreds of treatments we provide with our materials.