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    Very often when we hear about hair loss the term thinning hair arises in conversations. To many men and women hair thinning refers to a gradual process of losing one’s hair. In reality it is actually a two-phase change occurring on the individual’s scalp. The first shift is the hair replacement rate is beginning to slow. No longer is the hair growth rate keeping up with the hair loss rate. The second transformation takes place in the scalp’s follicles, which begin to produce hairs of a lesser thickness. When the hair is examined over time it shows the diameter is decreasing. This is called miniaturization of the follicle. In effect if you lessen the width of each hair and increase the hair loss rate the scalp become more visible.

    One of the positive points about this thinning process is that not all hair loss results in male and female baldness. In the latter there is a definitive pattern that leads to the appearance of a "hair bridge". This bridge defines the boundaries of a bald spot and the presence of a receding hairline. Once this "hair bridge" vanishes you are experiencing the final stages of pattern baldness. In the case of thin hair it too can be genetic but you may only experience degrees of it. Quite a few people though may just encounter a loss of hair per square inch where bald spots never develop and there is only a slight frontal hair recession.

    At Trilshun we certainly don’t believe hair loss is an irreversible process and there are dozens of treatments to halt hair thinning, prevent pattern baldness, and even grow new hair. In many cases it just takes a little bit of knowledge and a reshaping of your thinking to effectively control your thinning hair. To find out more just click on some of the links below or to the left. We welcome your visit and look forward to you being a customer.

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