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     What we feel many women are looking for when it concerns thinning hair are both effective and affordable solutions that really help. This is often a difficult thing to find when many products being sold are about as expensive as a hair transplant. At Trilshun we certainly don’t feel it has to be that way. That’s why we have accumulated an array of inexpensive ingredients to treat female thin hair that aren’t going to leave your wallet or purse empty. Plus in many situations these alternatives equal if not exceed their hair loss counterparts in effectiveness, quality, and quantity.

     Thinning hair in women is rooted in a various causes that range from pregnancy to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Our goal at Trilshun is to help you get to the root of the hair loss with prevention and hair growth techniques that can return your scalp to its full beauty. We feel some of the female pattern baldness information we provide is unrivaled.

     If you want to learn more about treating your female thinning hair with some “cutting edge” solutions feel free to click on some of our links. We’ve probably helped more women on the Internet deal with their thin hair problems than any other company and welcome you to join that list.


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"Now's The Time To Do Something
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     Thinning hair in women can be a hold different malady in women and at the same time have quite a few similarities to male pattern baldness. Many times the hair loss process can go unnoticed in women due to the length of the hair and the age at which it first becomes noticeable. In females the loss of hair is dispersed across the entire scalp where in men it is much more localized. Plus with women the effects of DHT do not tend to lead to lead to frontal baldness or the dreaded receding hairline seen in men. That does not mean the same ingredients and thin hair treatments won’t work as well in women as men only that the causes of hair loss and thinning hair prevention techniques can vary. Plus women are much more susceptible to alopecia and Telogen Effluvium because of hormonal changes, pregnancy, and stress. With our hair loss book which shows you the stages of hair loss related to female pattern baldness you’ll be able to decipher what thinning hair shampoos and vitamins and herbs are right for you. You’ll also learn how to control dandruff, psoriasis, and seborrhea with an array of spectacular treatments.