"What's In It For You"
  1. The "300 Hair Loss Ingredients" we'll tell you about are available now! They're not exotic pharmaceuticals or thinning hair treatments that may never become accessible to anyone. Not to mention the mind boggling prices some of these baldness products and cures have.

  2. We'll keep you updated on these incredible male and female pattern baldness treatments and newer ones as they become available, all for the comparative price of a haircut.

  3. Discontinued the minoxidil and your hair has begun to shed? Learn what two ingredients can prevent this shedding and why you should have been using them all along.  

  4. Is there a mystery behind the leading hair loss medication and why they don’t you want to find out about it? Let us teach you the secret. Plus we'll even show you how to lessen the side effects and cut your costs to nearly nothing.

  5. Red on the head means hair on the scalp. Find out what incredible all natural shampoo has the ability to halt and restore your thinning hair and people are just becoming aware of it.

  6. Microscopic bacteria that could be the cause of many people’s thin hair. We’ll tell you just what they are and the ingredients for ridding yourself of them and growing new hair. Amazingly 99% of the hair loss population has never heard of this.

  7. Learn what hair loss ingredient no one should be without if they’re suffering from male and female thinning hair. At the least everyone should have this in his or her shower stall.

  8. What are the hidden ingredients behind many well-known hair loss products? We’ll show you just what they are and how you can obtain them for a quarter of the cost. Plus you’ll likely find ours are much more effective.

  9. What nutrients do women need to keep their hair and avoid female pattern baldness? Discover what they are and why they’re an absolute necessity for a healthy head of hair.

  10. We'll show you how to unleash the powers of the mind to grow new hair and conquer hair loss. And since quite a few companies are charging three to five hundred dollars for this information, it's more than a bargain from us.

  11. Have you ever realized that just a couple of amazingly simple exercises can halt male and female hair loss "dead in its tracks"? They can. Plus we'll show you just how to get started on them.

  12. Are you paying too much for some well-known alopecia products to reduce thinning hair? We can show you how to obtain the same results at half the usage.

  13. 101 Fabao Hair Treatment, eighty-dollars. We'll show you a similar hair loss treatment that costs only three dollars, which you've probably never even noticed for alopecia (hair loss) prevention and growing hair.

  14. Extraordinary Scandinavian formulas derived from the oceans that eliminate male and female pattern baldness. What's the hidden secret?  How about using a similar thing for three dollars a month.

  15. Hair Farming Treatment. Can we duplicate the uncanny results of releasing the hidden hair in your scalp? Yes, and it will only cost you about four dollars.

  16. Furthermore we'll even show you a few DHT blockers that "unexplainably" darken graying hair, if you employ them on a regular basis.

  17. Our information will teach you tips, secrets, and little-known methods you've probably never even visualized for the prevention of thinning hair.

    The key thing though we want you to retain from all that we've said if not anything is. Pattern baldness correctly, is a condition where the hair loss rate exceeds the hair growth rate. To halt this process you need to do two things. First you need to delay the rate of hair loss so new hair growth can catch up. Plus two, encourage optimal regrowth of the existing hair. The bottom line being if the fallout equals the regrowth, then female and male pattern baldness can be delayed indefinitely. And this is exactly what we try to teach you to do with our information. In addition we help you do it at a bargain price! It's just that simple. Plus it's pretty fascinating if you think about it.



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